Technical Resources

Satellite Equipment Type Approvals

The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) is now managing equipment type approvals on behalf of many satellite operators, Visit the GVF Quality Products program site for details and current specification documents.
Ralph Brooker, “Satellite Industry Initiatives in Uplink Earth Station Quality,” RFI Forum, Washington, D.C., March 2003. Presentation
R.L. Brooker, “Universal type approvals for Ka-band ground equipment,” Space Communications 18 (2002) 13-16. Presented at the 7th Ka Band Utilization Conference, Santa Margherita, Italy, September 2001.


FCC Part 25 rules for satellite communications (47 C.F.R. 25, 2004).
Recent Reports-and-Orders and Notices of Proposed Rulemaking relating to Part 25

RF/microwave design

RF Cafe. Excellent collection of resources for RF designers
Microwaves 101. Info for the microwave dude.

Instructional Design and Development

Ralph Brooker and Akmalkhon Sharipov, “Managing Flash Content with SCORM and Custom XML,” eLearning Guild Online Forum, 20 April 2012.
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Antennas and Earth Station Engineering

Ralph Brooker and Dan Vorderbrueggen, “Antenna Pointing Accuracy Impact on Geostationary Satellite Link Quality and Interference,” 23rd AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems and 11th Ka and Broadband Communications Joint Conference, Rome, Italy, 2005. Paper

Non-linear distortion

Ralph Brooker, “Making Sense of Nonlinear Distortion,” Via Satellite, Feb-Mar 2014.
R. L. Brooker, “Spectral-Null Pulse Waveform for Characterizing Gain and Phase Distortion in Devices with Uncorrelated Frequency Translation or Limited CW Power Capability,” 63rd ARFTG Conf. Dig., pp. 7-11, June 2004. Paper.
Ralph Brooker and Donald Jackson, “Techniques for Predicting Nonlinear Distortion in Ka-band Gateways” 10th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, Vicenza, Italy, September 2004. Vicenza, Italy, September 2004


Method and System for Compensating for Atmospheric Fading in a Communications System. U.S. Patent 6,813,476. (Assignee: Andrew Corp.)
Self-Pointing Antenna Scanning. U.S. Patent 6,943,750. (Assignee: Andrew Corp.)
Precision Adjustment Antenna Mount And Alignment Method. U.S. Patent 7,046,210. (Assignee: Andrew Corp.)
Reflector Antenna Support Structure. U.S. Patent 7,173,575. (Assignee: Andrew Corp.)
Antenna Adjustment Tool. U.S. Patent 7,219,581. (Assignee: Andrew Corp.)

Industry Associations

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