Editorial Topics for Middle School

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What is the perfect VSAT antenna?

Here at SatProf we’ve had the privilege of being associated with many antenna manufacturers over the decades.  We’ve worked with brilliant antenna design engineers and manufacturing process people, but now that our focus is on training, we can offer a fresh perspective on what design features make a difference in minimizing interference and making field […]

The cross-pol dilemma

Ku-band VSAT field technicians have a tough job.  Not only are they expected to aim a small, wide-beamwidth antenna exactly between neighboring satellites 2 degrees away without accidentally illuminating either one, they are then expected to adjust the rotation of the feed within 1 or 2 degrees of some angle they can’t directly measure, with […]

Welcome to the SatProf satellite engineering blog!

Here at SatProf, we engineers spend most of our time developing interactive technical training materials for our online GVF and SBCA certification programs.  But at heart, we are satellite systems engineers and we love to talk about things like NPR, off-axis power spectral density, and all species of decibels.  When the urge strikes, we’ll be […]