SatProf develops highly interactive, animated, and technically accurate e-learning materials for satellite communications professionals. We collaborate with service providers, manufacturers, and other leading industry organizations to bring technical education and training directly to the user’s desktop. Based on numerical simulation of real-world behavior of satellite links, transmission equipment, and test equipment, our interactive learning materials give students the benefits of hands-on experience in a highly explanatory, self-paced tutorial environment.

Global VSAT Forum (GVF) Certification Training

The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) is the international association of the satellite communications industry. SatProf is pleased to be the administrator and exclusive provider of web-based e-learning materials for the GVF Certification Training Program. GVF certification training is delivered with online, self-paced, interactive training together with a required hands on skills tests, all managed by SatProf with an integrated Learning Management System (LMS). For complete details, prices, interactive guided tours, course outlines, class schedules, and self-registration, please visit the GVF Training Portal.

Satellite Broadcast Communications Association (SBCA) Certification Training

SatProf creates and delivers on-line interactive training as part of the SBCA certification series for satellite television. Our courses include Satellite Master Antenna Satellite Television (SMATV), Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) systems, and DIRECTV’s D2 Advantage system.  For complete details, prices, or to register and enroll in classes, please visit  SBCA.

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