Satellite Earth Station System Engineering

  • Prepare RFPs for Turnkey Earth Station Procurement
  • Evaluate Turnkey Proposals for Satellite Earth Terminals
  • Prepare Proposals for Satellite Earth Terminals
  • Prepare GCE (Ground Comm Equip) Hardware Design and/or Procurement Specifications
  • Prepare/Witness/Perform GCE Test Procedures
  • Prepare Satellite System Hardware and Propagation Availability Analysis
  • Prepare end-to-end link budget designs and trade-off studies
  • Prepare parametric distortion analysis for uplink and downlink signal path chains

Research and Analysis

  • Prepare Technical White Papers
  • Market Research and Reports
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Provide guidance for Product Development Road Maps
  • Provide guidance for Business Plan Development

Technical and Sales Support

  • Meet directly with Customers present solutions and/or determine Customer needs
  • Coach and Train Sales Personnel
  • Provide specialized training to Client’s Engineering Staff
  • Provide on-site Sales Technical Support for proposal presentations

Field Support

  • On-Site Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Site Survey and Site Design

Technical Analyses

  • Installation procedure emulation, and pointing accuracy uplink interference simulation
  • Prediction of signal distortion in high-power amplifier and transmission chains
  • Satellite link budgets, rain fade and availability analysis, diversity gain estimations
  • Earth station antenna and HPA sizing
  • Cascaded lineup design, noise figure, dynamic range, spurious, and worst case analyses

Design and Management Support

  • Evaluation of microwave subsystem design reviews
  • Capital and recurring cost analyses of satellite links and networks
  • Customer specification compliance reviews
  • Proposal generation support
  • Specifications and statements of work for suppliers
  • Production readiness reviews
  • Cross-disciplinary technical support
  • Cost analyses
  • Design review support


  • Matlab;
  • Adobe Flash CS Collection;
  • Adobe Flashbuilder;
  • LINC (small-signal RF circuit analysis);
  • MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
  • Extensive collection of utilities for microwave and satellite system analysis


  • Flash ActionScript AS3
  • Flex Programming
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Html5
  • Matlab
  • Excel
  • VBA add-ins
  • Java
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